Jōgasaki Coast – 城ヶ崎海岸

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Izu Peninsula, not far from Tōkyō, is a place full of nature facing a beautiful sea: it is a sort of paradise where people can enjoy Onsen, among the others. This time we are going to talk about one of these plenty of attractions places, the Jōgasaki coast!


What’s special about Jōgasaki Coast?



The Jōgasaki coast is easily accessible from the main stations.

Its most exciting spot is of course the walking trail which extends for more than 10 km, located in the eastern part of Izu peninsula: you go through forests, pass aside rocks and cross a suspension bridge. Here you can experience nature and contact with other people!

Moreover, the Jōgasaki coast offers a beautiful scenery from the sea: you can behold it while enjoying the popular cruises.


How to get to Jōgasaki?


・From Tokyo

There are direct trains heading to the Jōgasaki coast from Tōkyō.
Get on the “OdorikoLimited Express train at Tōkyō station, bound to Shimoda Station, and it will arrive to Izu peninsula in about one hour (there are also trains from Shinjuku station). Get off at Izu Kōgen Station or at Jōgasaki Kaigan Station. The Japan Rail Pass covers partly this route, as there is a section on a non JR line. However, the Japan Rail Pass Kanto version covers also the non JR section.
The walking trail s 30-40 minutes walking from Izu Kōgen Station.
At Jōgasaki station you can take a “Tōkai-bus”, which will reach Izu Kōgen in about 10 minutes.

(check this website for Tōkai-bus timetables and fares: http://tinyurl.com/m45a54q)

The Tōkai buses pass about 4 times in a day. As of 2014 from Izu Kōgen station buses depart at 7:59, 16:05, 17:05 e 18:05, and the price is 270 yen. The information may change.

・From Western Japan

If you are coming from western Japan by Shinkansen, get off at Atami Station, on the Tōkaidō -main Line and the Tōkaidō Shinkansen. At Atami, catch the “Odoriko” express limited train heading to Shimoda. As written before, get off at Izu Kōgen station or at Jōgasaki station.

・By car

It is possible to reach the Jōgasaki coast by car. We recommend you to travel on the “Izu Skyline” toll road! You will be able to see mount Fuji’s majestic shape and enjoy the beautiful landscape from the car!





I reached the Jōgasaki coast from Izu Kōgen station. In the half of March I went to Izu peninsula from Tōkyō to see the cherry trees. The influence of ocean makes this area a little bit warmer than Tōkyō, so usually the cherry trees bloom one or two weeks before the ones in Tōkyō. In fact, right after exiting Izu Kōgen station I could see some blooming cherry trees in line.


After beholding them, I took the bus to Jōgasaki.
There are small shops where you can have ice creams and snacks there. Among the ice cream flavors, I saw wasabi for the first time: I tasted it, spicy and creamy milk were creating a really strange flavor.


I arrived at Jōgasaki’s shore and entered the forest. The earth level is not very high, but it’s easier to walk while wearing hiking shoes, since some spots are not smooth to walk on. Exiting the forest I could see the ocean right the way, that impressed me. Walking along the sea you came across a long suspension bridge called Kadowakizaki: it is 23 meters long, 48 meters from the water surface.

On the other side there is plenty of rocks: from there, you can take amazing pictures of the scenery, with the ocean on the background, and get close to it. Of course, be careful of the slippery rocks!

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