Tokyo Edo Museum – 江戸東京博物館

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Today I would like to introduce my favourite museum, the Tokyo Edo Museum, where you can understand the whole history of Tokyo.
Visiting Japan, there are many places worth seeing, temples, natural environments. But museums are interesting too and therefore they are key places.


What’s special about the Tokyo Edo Museum?



As all of you know, Tokyo was called Edo until the end of the Tokugawa shogunate. Going to this museum means being able to learn in an enjoyable way about the culture in the Edo period, and about the transition from the Meiji era until the present day.

The Tokyo Edo Museum is located in the east of Tokyo, in the Ryōgoku area, famous for sumō wrestling. Ryōgoku is situated in Shitamachi, a place where you can feel the atmosphere of the twentieth century, and the perfect location for this museum where one can learn about the culture of Tokyo.


The Tokyo Edo Museum has been designed by architect Kitutake Kiyonori. The building, constructed on the top of huge pillars, really impacts. Moreover, entering from the outside using the escalator could make you feel excited like you were entering a futuristic building.
This museum is a place where you can learn about the past history inside and at the same time get a glimpse of the future outside.


How to get there


The Tokyo Edo Museum is located in the city centre and it is extremely easy to reach. You can get to the Ryōgoku station using the Toei Ōedosen subway and the JR Sōbusen. From the Ryōgoku station west entrance to the Tokyo Edo Museum it’s a three minute walk.


From Tokyo station

First go to Akihabara station using the Yamanote line or the Keihintōhoku line. There change to the Chūō Sōbu line and get off at Ryōgoku station.


From Shinjuku station

Using the Chūō Sōbu line you can go directly to Ryōgoku station.


Using the Ōedo line

The Ōedo line goes all around the center of Tokyo. Using this line, getting off at Ryōgoku station, take the A4 exit and you will get to the museum in one minute.


My impression of the Tokyo Edo Museum


I visited the museum during the summer a few years ago. Entering from the outside escalator the first thing I saw was the replica of the Nihonbashi. This bridge goes to the center of the building and there I realized how big the exhibition room was and I got excited!




The inside of the museum is divided in three big areas, the Edo zone, the Tokyo zone and the Second project exhibition room.
In the Edo zone it was shown the everyday life of the Edo period using dolls and dioramas. Daily necessities and vehicles were shown too, and it was interesting because I was able to get in and touch them. Moreover, while there are many typical museums where taking photos is forbidden, it was perfectly fine to take photos in almost all the Tokyo Edo Museum!

Other than the usual exhibitions, depending on the period it is possible to appreciate rakugo or koto musical performances in the established teather. Also, in the Second project exhibition room are shown many projects, like art or science projects.
Next time I visit the museum I definitely want to stop by the theater and the exhibition room.

Since there are many places where it is possible to see exhibition forms, the Tokyo Edo Museum is undoubtedly a place you can enjoy even if you spend there a whole day.


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