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Haruna Shrine is located in Gunma Prefecture’s Takasaki City.

Due to its distance from the center it is has to be accessed by car. Doing so, leaving the Kan’etsu motorway at Takasaki IC is the best option. From that point you can drive towards Mount Haruna.

If you are travelling by train, reach Takasaki Station first: it takes about 1 hour by Shinkansen from Tōkyō, about 2 hours by local train lines (Tōkyō-Ueno or Shōnan-Shinjuku lines).

At Takasaki Station’s West Exit there are buses heading to Haruna Shrine. Get on one of Gunma’s buses heading to “Hongō Keiyu Haruna-ko” and get off at “Haruna-jinja mae“.

It takes more or less one hour to reach the shrine from the city area. A red torii marks the entrance of Haruna Shrine’s area.

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