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By train

Nokogiri-yama is the perfect match for a day-trip from Tōkyō.
At Tōkyō Station, take the Keiyō line, heading to Soga Station.
Here, the Sazanami Limited Express will take you to Kisarazu Station in no time. Take the Uchibō line, stepping on the train heading to Tateyama and get off at Hama-kanaya Station.
The journey takes about three hours.

If you are staying in the western part of Tokyo, you can find, in the early morning, some extended services of the Sazanami Limited Express from Shinjuku Station, for a comfortable no transfer journey to your destination.
Of course all these connections are fully covered by your Japan Rail Pass.

By Air

To reach Nokogiri-yama by plane you have to land at Narita Airport.
The JR line departing from here leads you to Chiba Station, where you can find the Uchibō line to Hama-kanaya.


By ferry

There is a ferry service departing from Yokosuka’s Kurihama Port. With its 40 minute-long rides, it is useful to those who come from Kanagawa Prefecture.
Click here for details

By the way, we took the ferry on our way back, and we suggest it because, if you are lucky with the weather, you can admire the Sun setting behind Mount Fuji on west!

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