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Center map

Minoo, as already said, is located in the northern part of Ōsaka Prefecture, in Minoo City. We first need then to reach Ōsaka area.SONY DSC

・With Shinkansen and local train

Thanks to the speed of the Shinkansen bullet train, we can reach easily Shin-Ōsaka Station  from Tōkyō and other areas of Japan, and from here we can change on the Midōsuji subway line (the red line) to Nanba/Tennōji/Nakamozu direction, and disembark at Umeda.

Here, we need to change for the Hankyū Railways station, taking sa Takarazuka Line express train bound for Takarazuka, and getting off at Ishibashi Station. From here we need to change once again, on the Minoo Line, and disembark at the final stop, Minoo (in certain periods you can find a direct train from Umeda to Minoo, so in this case you don’t need to change at Ishibashi).

Just outside Minoo Station you will find the indication for the park.SONY DSC


・By subway and bus

If you want to reach Minoo Park from the center of Ōsaka , the Midosuji Line of Ōsaka Municipal Subway will be handy. Take a train bound for Senri-Chūō, and from here you can find a bus linking it to Minoo station, at the external stops (the bys frequency is about 1 per hour, with more buses in the morning and evening).

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