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The Tōkyō-Edo Museum is located in the city centre and it is extremely easy to reach. You can get to the Ryōgoku station using the Toei Ōedosen subway and the JR Sōbusen. From the Ryōgoku station west entrance to the Tōkyō Edo Museum it’s a three minute walk.


From Tōkyō station

First go to Akihabara station using the Yamanote line or the Keihintōhoku line. There change to the Chūō Sōbu line and get off at Ryōgoku station.


From Shinjuku station

Using the Chūō Sōbu line you can go directly to Ryōgoku station.


Using the Ōedo line

The Ōedo line goes all around the center of Tōkyō . Using this line, getting off at Ryōgoku station, take the A4 exit and you will get to the museum in one minute.

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