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Kamikōchi is located in Nagano’s north-western part, and there are different way to get there, according to your departure location.


・ From Tōkyō and Nagoya

Let’s reach Nagano prefecture’s Matsumoto city first, you can find the route in Matsumoto’s castle. Once you got to Matsumoto you have to take the bus or the train. At Matsumoto station take the Matsumoto Electric Railway line and get off at its terminal, Shin-Shimashima Station. Here you will find an Alpico Transport bus that will lead you to Kamikōchi.


・From Hokuriku

If you come from Hokuriku area, head to Hida-Takayama. There you have to take the bus to reach Kamikōchi: at Takayama Station take the Hida bus heading to Heijo-Onsen, where you have to transfer on the bus heading to Kamikōchi.


・By car

If travelling by car, you have to take the National Road 158 that links Matsumoto to Takayama. Due to the environment protection policy you are obliged to park your car in the nearby area. At Kamikōchi’s entrance there are a shuttle-bus and a taxi service. The parking cost is 500 yen per day.
If you travel by train, you must know that you can use the Japan Rail Pass to reach either Matsumoto Station and Nagoya or Takayama Station. However the pass doesn’t cover the section on the Matsumoto Electric Railway.

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