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Getting to Noboribetsu Onsen from Sapporo is quite easy!

First, let’s reach Sapporo, probably by air. You can fly for cheap thanks to the many convenient low cost flights from Osaka, Fukuoka Nagoya and Tokyo.


By train from Sapporo

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At Sapporo Station take a “Super Hokuto” Limited express heading to Hakodate and get off at Noboribetsu Station.
If you come from Shin-Chitose Airport, you do not need to go back to Sapporo: just go one station in Sapporo direction, “Minami Chitose”, and there change on the Limited Express.

From Sapporo the ride takes one hour and costs about 4.000 yen. You can also take a cheaper local train, which is, although, going to take you much more time.
At Noboribetsu Station you need to take a bus to the hot springs town: get on the one heading to “Nobori-betsu Onsen” and you will arrive at destination in 15 minutes.


From Sapporo by bus

There is a bus heading to Nobori-betsu Onsen (Dōnan bus) departing from Sapporo Station.
The ride takes about one hour, but it’s convenient if you’re travelling your luggage.

By car

Hokkaido is one of the best places to enjoy by car, so why do not include Noboribetsu in your itinerary?

From Sapporo, take the Hokkaidō Expressway and in 90 minutes you will get at Noboribetsu East IC.

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