Sapporo Snow Festival

In winter, as it is obvious, it is cold and freezing, and after Christmas we often start to wait so bad for the arrival of spring.

However, in the huge northern island of Hokkaido, especially in Sapporo city, there is an unmissable event, the Sapporo Snow Festival!

In this article we will tell you a little about what this festival is about, and the impressions we had about it during our visit.

Macau’s Cathedral snowy reproduction

What kind of event is the Snow Festival?

This festival is held annually in Sapporo usually during the first ten days of February.

The most popular attraction for tourists, coming from all over the world, are the famous ice and snow sculptures, and more than two million people are counted every year! Not to mention that there are facilities for skiing and snowboarding, skating rinks and many delicious food stalls.

Il also seems that from the 2019 year edition, it will be possible to assist to some spectacular project mapping shows on the ice creations!

The festival area is very extensive, and the Ōdōri park, located in the heart of the city, is its main hub (followed by the Sapporo Community Dome and the Susukino district).

Many foreign artists also come all the way to Sapporo in order to make the ice sculptures, and even the jieitai, the Japanese self-defense army, takes part in their creation.

How to get to Sapporo Snow Festival

The Sapporo snow festival takes place mainly at the Ōdōri park.
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One of us in the past had been living in Hokkaido, so there were many occasions for visiting visit the festival, and one of the things that struck us the most was the amount of people present, really impressive!

By day everything is very lively, but what characterizes the festival are also the tens of thousands of colored lights that light up in the evening and illuminate the sculptures: to better admire the incredible effect they
create, we recommend to climb up to the top of the Sapporo TV Tower, located in the same park where the works are placed …

This year the Sapporo snow festival is held from January 31 (at the Ōdōri park starts on February 4th) to 11th February!

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