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Although, lately, things are changing, few people know that Japan is not just about big cities, ancient temples and green mountains. In just over two hours by plane from Tōkyō, flying towards Taiwan, you reach the archipelago of the Ryūkyū islands, once part of the homonymous Kingdom, which today is administered as the Prefecture of Okinawa, the southernmost of the 47 forming the today’s Japan.

These islands, in fact, can be considered the northernmost part of Micronesia: they boast a tropical climate, coral reefs of rare beauty and an incredibly pristine sea, adding to Japan a note of exoticism from many unexpected and surprising.

The islands that make up the prefecture of Okinawa are many: click here to see our articles, aroundjapan.net offers you authentic travel impressions and collected material on the spot!

When to go

Okinawa is a great destination for those who want to combine classic Japan with a few days relaxing on the beach, but we advise you to choose carefully the period.






How to get to Okinawa

Click here to learn how to reach and enjoy Okinawa!

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