Yokohama Chinatown – 横浜中華街

Yokohama Chinatown – 横浜中華街

Let’s walk around Yokohama Chinatown, the biggest Chinese district of Japan!




What’s special about Yokohama Chinatown?

Yokohama’s Chinatown is the biggest one in Japan, but it is actually the biggest in Asia. Even if it is a Chinatown (a commercial district built from Chinese immigrants), it seems that there are not many Chinese people leaving here nowadays. Many signs of Chinese culture are still visible, like the entrance gates. The Chinese tourists who visit this district often say it feels like home.

In Chinatown’s very heart you can find Kantei-byō temple: here the famous warrior of the three kingdoms Guān Yǔ (or Kantei), is worshipped (he’s also called Kanseiteikun and Kanteseikun). Still, people come here to pray for business prosperity too.

In Yokohama’s Chinatown many events are held during the year. The most important is Shunsetsu no o-matsuri, the Chinese New Year celebration, held according on the ancient calendar. During this period Chinatown is more crowded than usual.

For details about Chinatown’s events check the official website(


How to reach Yokohama Chinatown

Click here for information about how to reach the Chinatown of Yokohama.




Yokohama Chinatown is close to the ultra-modern Yokohama Minato Mirai 21 district.

We walked from Minato Mirai Station. At Chinatown’s entrance there is a huge gate which brings you into a wonderful Chinese atmosphere. It’s a strange feeling we had never experienced in Japan before: new fragrances of tea and fried meals are something that you notice right the way.

The community is composed not only by mainlanders: in fact, you can easily spot Hong Kong and Taiwan flags all around, a sign of harmony besides political issues. This is something we liked very much.

The streets can be crowded, since this is a popular tourist spot, but we were lucky enough to enjoy it carefully, also while listening to traditional Chinese music coming from the shops.

There are many restaurants appreciated from gourmet lovers, some of them have a long waiting queue. Because of the multiculturality  of this Chinese community, you can find more than the Cantonese cuisine we all know, there’s plenty of choice and offers. Besides restaurants, you can find many souvenir-shops, tea-shops and massage centers along the streets, enlightened by gorgeous lamps…

Among the events hosted during the daytime, you can see dancing and musical exhibitions. In these occasions, many reporters come from abroad.

Visiting Yokohama Chinatown is the best way to enjoy the spirit of more than one country in one trip. If you’re in Yokohama be sure not to miss this lovely district where you can enjoy Asia on a new, different level.

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