Tōkyō-Edo Museum – 江戸東京博物館

Tōkyō-Edo Museum – 江戸東京博物館

The TōkyōEdo Museum is the perfect spot where you can learn about the whole history of Tōkyō .


When you visit Japan there are many places worth seeing, such as temples, castles and natural environments. But museums are interesting too and therefore they are the key to a complete journey experience.

What’s special about the Tōkyō-Edo Museum?


Going to this museum means being able to learn in an enjoyable way about the Edo period and the transition from the Meiji era until the present day.

The Tōkyō-Edo Museum is located in the east of Tōkyō , in the Ryōgoku area, famous for sumō wrestling. Ryōgoku is situated in Shitamachi, a place where you can feel the atmosphere of the twentieth century.


The Tōkyō-Edo Museum has been designed by the Japanese architect Kitutake Kiyonori. The building, constructed on the top of huge pillars is quite impressive. Moreover, entering by using the escalator gives the impression of getting on some sort of space-ship.
This museum is a place where you can learn about the past history inside and at the same time get a glimpse of the future outside.

How to get there

Click here to see how to get to this museum.


We visited the museum during the summer, also to escape the tremendous heat. Entering from the outside escalator the first thing we saw was the replica of the Nihonbashi. This bridge goes to the center of the building and there we realized how big the exhibition room was.


The museum is divided in three big areas, the Edo zone, the Tōkyō zone and the Second project exhibition room.
In the Edo zone the everyday life of the Edo period is shown, using dolls and dioramas. Daily necessities and vehicles are shown too, it is interesting because visitors are able to get in and touch them. Moreover, despite taking pictures is forbidden in most museums, here it is perfectly fine to take photos in almost all the exhibition area.


Other than the usual exhibitions, depending on the period it is possible to appreciate rakugo or koto musical performances in the established teather. Also, in the Second project exhibition room many projects are shown, like art or science projects.


The Tōkyō-Edo Museum is undoubtedly a place you can enjoy even if you spend there a whole day.


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