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By train

Among the 5 lakes, only Kawaguchi Lake is directly accessible by train.

If you come from Tōkyō area, take a Chūō Line train bound to Ōtsuki Station.
The ride takes about 40 minutes (1.300 yen), and in most cases a change at Takao Station is needed.

If you step on a limited express train heading to Matsumoto, you can reach Ōtsuki Station in an hour (2.800 yen). At Ōtsuki Station take the Fuji Kyūkō private railway, and get off at the final stop, Kawaguchi-Ko Station.

The ride takes one hour, more or less.

During certain periods, especially during the holidays, JR East provides a direct train from Tokyo Station to Kawaguchi-ko Station.




If you have got a Japan Rail Pass, or a Japan Rail East Pass or a Kanto Pass, please note that you have to pay extra the section between Otsuki and Kawaguchi-ko Station.


By express bus

There are many highway buses departing from Tōkyō everyday.

Up to two Fujikyū and Keiō bus leave from Shinjuku Station area every hour.

(Fujikyū bus from Shinjuku: http://tinyurl.com/krddt8e)

(Keiō bus: http://tinyurl.com/aab5t48)


There are Fujikyū and JR Kantō buses leaving from Tōkyō Station’s Yaesu exit.

(Fujikyū bus from Tōkyō: http://tinyurl.com/krddt8e)

(JR Kantō: http://tinyurl.com/myzazad)


・From Western Japan

You can reach Mishima Station in Shizuoka Prefecture by a local train or a Shinkansen. From there, you can access directly to Kawaguchi Lake thanks to the handy “Mishima Liner“.

(Mishima Liner: http://tinyurl.com/kvh2u3l)


Moreover, especially on the tourist season, the Fujikyū bus company enlarges the route network.

From almost every part of Kantō region it is possible to access directly to the site.


・Fuji’s five lakes tour

Fuji’s five lakes area has been completely provided with a bus service network.

If you will to explore a large area of the site, using a unlimited ticket will surely be convenient.


>Fuji’s five lakes Enjoy Ticket

This ticket includes Tōkyō to Fuji Go-ko retour express bus ticket+retro bus and Fujikko Bus.

>Fujisan – Fuji Go-ko Passport

This offer includes 2 or 3 days pass. You should buy it according to the period you want to use it.

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