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Nikkō is located in Tochigi Prefecture, in Kantō Region.
Here you can find the main ways to access the site:



① At Tōkyō or Ueno Station take the Tōhoku Shinkansen and, once you are in Utsunomiya, get on the Nikkō Line. Get off at the final stop, Nikkō Station. If you are staying near Shinjuku, we suggest you to reach first Ōmiya Station using the Saikyō Line or the Shonan-Shinjuku Line, and from here change with the Shinkansen, rather than transferring from Shinjuku all the way to Ueno or Tōkyō Stations.

The one way fare is about 5.000 yen, and the journey takes from 1 up to 2 hours.

* Since some of the Tōhoku Shinkansen trains don’t stop at Utsunomiya Station, don’t forget to check the stops before leaving!
* Nikkō has two stations: JR’s “Nikkō-eki” and Tōbu Railways’ “Tōbu Nikkō-eki”.
* This route is fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass, included the Kanto and Eastern Japan limited versions.


② This second route is cheaper, so we recommend this if you do not have a Japan Rail Pass.

At Asakusa Station take a Tōbu Railways train to “Tōbu Nikkō-eki”. With the express train you get to destination in a couple hours.

Attention: the limited express train called “Kegon” is faster, but the price for a ticket is about the double of a regular express train ticket.


From Shinjuku Station there is a Limited Express Train running on the Tōbu Railway tracks, and arriving in Tōbu Nikkō Station.

The price for this train is about 4000 yen one way, and it takes about two hours.


・Highway bus

Many local travel agencies offer day tours from Tōkyō using bus.



There are no airports located around Nikkō, so Haneda and Narita airports are the ones you have to land at.



On the road to Chūzenji lake there is a slope called Irohasaka, famous for its breathtaking curves. In autumn the mountains get brightly colored and driving there might be fun.

Here you can find the main highway routes with the time requested to reach Nikkō:

Kasumigaseki IC – Nikkō IC (1 hour and 50 minutes)
Kashiwazaki IC – Nikkō IC (3 hours and 30 minutes)
Sendai Miyagi IC – Nikkō IC (2 hours and 40 minutes)
Mito IC – Nikkō IC (1 hour and 20 minutes)
Takasaki IC – Nikkō IC (1 hour and 20 minutes)

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