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Aoshima is located in Southern Kyūshū, from Tōkyō and Kansai area it becomes a remote location.
The best way to reach it is by plane.



・Via air


From Aoshima, the closest airport is Miyazaki Airport (MKI), which is connected with direct flights from Tōkyō Haneda, Ōsaka Itami, Fukuoka, and Nagoya Airport. It takes 2 hours from Tōkyō, 1 hour from Ōsaka and 45 minutes from Fukuoka Airport in Northern Kyūshū to reach Miyazaki.

Miyazaki Airport is provided with a railway line, and you can get to Aoshima in just 20 minutes.

To see how to can reach Miyazaki city from the airport read below.


・By train


You can get to Aoshima Station in about 30 minutes with the Nichinan line.

Here’s how to reach it from Hakata Station and Kagoshima Central Station: 


① The Shinkansen is the fastest way

First, you have to get to Kagoshima-Chuo Station. From here take the Limited Express trainKirishima” to Miyazaki Station: there take the Nichinan Line heading to Aburazu Station and get off at Aoshima Station.

② Avoiding the Shinkansen

If you don’t take any high-speed train you can instead enjoy more the beautiful landscape of this island.

If you come from Hakata Station you have to take the Limited Express trainNichirin Seagaia” heading to Miyazaki Station (some of them terminate at Miyazaki Airport). There, take the local train heading to Aburazu and get off at Aoshima Station.

From Miyazaki Airport Station take a train heading to Miyazaki Station and get off at the first stop, Tayoshi Station. There you can take the Nichinan line to Aoshima Station.

From Miyazaki Airport and Miyazaki Station you can ride even Limited Express trains too without paying extra fees, so those of you who like trains will be enthusiastic!

Of course, all the routes of this section are fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass, including the Kyushu version and the Kyushu Student Rail Pass.



・By bus

There is a wide bus transport network in Kyūshū: getting to Miyazaki by express bus is easy from each area of the region (a good connection can be taking a high speed bus from Kumamoto Staton)! There are buses heading to Aoshima from Miyazaki Station.

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