Minato Mirai 21 – みなとみらい21

Minato Mirai 21 – みなとみらい21

Yokohama city, in Kanagawa Prefecture, is the second most populated city in Japan. Yokohama is famous for its China Town, but also for its modern district Minato Mirai 21.

What’s special about Minato Mirai 21?

Doesn’t Minato Mirai 21 give you a feeling of modernity with its name? The number 21, indeed,  refers to the 21st century.


The area of Minato Mirai 21 Station is a bright place and often crowded. This area had a totally different atmosphere before the renewal projects, started in the 80s. This places once hosted Mitsubishi’s shipbuilding yard and JR Takashima line’s  Yokohama East Station.


In the heart of Minato Mirai 21, 70 stories-296 meters high Yokohama Landmark Tower takes place: this has been the highest building in Japan until the opening of Ōsaka’s Abenobashi Terminal in March 2014.
The Landmark Tower has an observatory hall on its 69th floor, in clear days you can see downtown Tōkyō and Mt. Fuji from here.

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The building contains also a mall, starting from fashion, home décor and hobby shops, restaurants and several other shops. Moreover, the Landmark Tower hosts the rarest spiral escalator in the world.


The Ferris wheel called Cosmo Clock 21 is located close to the Landmark Tower. This wheel has a 100 m diameter, and was the biggest Ferris wheel in the world when it was build in 1989. Moreover, on the wheel sides a colorful design clock changes thanks to LED neon lights.
The atmosphere of Minato Mirai is surely sparkling and brightened at night!


This Ferris wheel is part of the amusement park called Cosmo-world.
Cosmo-world hosts many attractions such as the world’s first water inrush coaster called “Vanish” and  “Cliff Drop” which slips on water.

Minato Mirai 21’s Aka Renga is also a popular spot: this stylish warehouse was built by Meiji Government as a custom storage.
Here you can find souvenir shops and restaurants, at night the light-up makes it gorgeous.

How to get to Minato Mirai 21

Too see how to reach Minato Mirai 21 click here!


When We got to the observatory of Landmark Tower it was a clear evening. We’re still impressed by the shape of Mt. Fuji appearing in the sunset.
At the observatory on the 69th floor there is also a small aquarium, it’s a place where kids can have fun!


Close to the Landmark Tower there is a wonderful sailboat called Nipponmaru. Now it is a museum so you can also step on it.
We crossed the harbor bridge from the Landmark Tower to the Red Brick Warehouse.
In the past this was a railway bridge, so in the central part of it a tram still remains.


Moving towards China Town and Yamashita Park, you come by the Oosan-bashi: this pier is the terminal of international cruises and you can also do some shopping there.
The cruise terminal roof is covered by a lawn and some trees. If you go on the top of it you can see Yokohama harbor’s bridge and ships entering the harbor. Also, if you look towards the Landmark Tower you can have a panoramic view on Yokohama’s skyline. A perfect spot where to spend an evening sorrounded by futuristic views.

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