Matsuyama – Access

Matsuyama – Access

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By train

If you travel by train from Honshū, you have to transfer on another line at Okayama Station.
You can get there by taking the Sanyō Shinkansen, but the express train “Shiokaze” is faster.

From Okayama station, cross the Honshi Renraku Bridge and by following the Shikoku coast you will get to Matsuyama Station.
Here you can find the approximate prices and times required from Japan’s main stations:


  • from Tōkyō: 6 hours, about 20.000 yen
  • from Shin-Ōsaka: 4 hours and 20 minutes, about 11.000 yen
  • from Okayama: 2 hours and 40 minutes, about 6.000 yen.

From Tōkyō you can also take the Sunrise Seto” sleeper Limited Express train, departing at 22:00 and arriving at Matsuyama Station at 10:00 of the following day.

By plane

Matsuyama Airport is connected directly to Tōkyō Haneda/Narita and Ōsaka Kansai/Itami aiports, including flight operated by LCC.
From the airport take a bus to Matsuyama, or rent a car if you want to explore the whole region.

For further information, check the Google-automatically translated official site: here

By boat

Getting to Matsuyama by boat is possible and fast, with a ferry from Hiroshima or Beppu (in Kyūshū island).

From Hiroshima and Kure ports you can take the steamship “Seto-Naikai”, or the usual ferries and jet-ferries, while from Beppu you can take the “Uwa-jima Un’yu” ferry.

The ferries departing from Ehime Prefecture don’t moor in Matsuyama, but in Yawatayama port. From here you can reach Matsuyama with a couple hours’ drive, or 45 minutes by express train.

How to get around

Like Takamatsu and Kōchi, Matsuyama is also a city where a tramway has been developed. Managed by the Iyo Tetsudō Company, it is composed of 6 lines.
Lines 1 and 2 are Matsuyama’s loop lines, clockwise and counterclockwise. Lines 3,5 and 6 can be used to reach Dōgo Onsen.

You can get around Matsuyama by bus too.

Tourist areas like Dōgo Onsen and Matsuyama castle are easily enjoyable by foot.

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