Mount Nokogiri – 鋸山

Mount Nokogiri – 鋸山

Let’s talk about one of Chiba Prefecture’s wonders, Mount Nokogiri! This place is characterized by a breathtaking landscape and a powerful, yet mysterious charm.
A great place for a light hike among temples and giant Buddha rock sculptures.

What’s special about Mount Nokogiri? 

Nokogiri-yama lays on Futtsu city’s territory, in southern Bōsō Peninsula (which constitutes half of the territory of Chiba Prefecture).
Its name comes from the sharp shape of this mountain, which actually reminds a saw (hence the name Nokogiri).

The mountain top, is accessible thanks to a ropeway faced on Tōkyō Bay.
On clear days the awesome view can extend up to the Skytree in Tōkyō, Yokohama’s Minato Mirai, Mount Fuji and the Izu Peninsula!

Nokogiri-yama is a green spot: its nature hosts some extraordinary Sōtō school’s temples.

The 31 meter-tall Great Buddha represents this site’s main attraction.
The deep valley is said to be the closest example of Indian Jungle that can be found in Japan.

Along the path you can see groups of Bodhisattva stone statues, called Arakan.
This spots are quite suggestive: they appear among rocks and old trees, with interesting poses and facial expressions.

Nihon-ji Temple’s hiking course is scattered with small structures and stone statues: we recommend this site to those who like walking in this kind of environment.

The path is quite long, it requires some time to be fully enjoyed.
We may suggest you to take a full day side trip from Tokyo, or to stay one night in the nice local inns of southern Chiba.

How to get here

To learn how to get to Mount Nokogiri area, click here!


We got to Nokogiri-yama during a trip around the southern part of Bōsō Peninsula.

Hama-kanaya Station is a pretty light-blue building not far from the coast.
We went towards the port where, close to the ferry station, there’s a little market where we bought some souvenirs.
We moved then towards the ropeway station.

It tooks about 15 minutes to reach the ropeway station, plus another 15 minutes to get to Nokogiriyama’s top.
At the lower station one can also find a huge car park.

The view from the window pane was just awesome: the clear weather made all that blue so perfect. Mount Fuji was very far but yet visible.

We stepped off the ropeway car and reached the panoramic deck nearby: the view was literally astonishing, we really enjoyed taking tons of pictures!

We visited the Nihon-ji Temple, under several soaring black kites (Milvus Migrans).

The path inside the woods has many ups and downs, following its stairs has been a good exercise for our lungs (and legs).

Nihon-ji Temple complex surrounds Nokogiri-yama, and interesting spots are scattered here and there: we went to see the Hyaku-sha Kannon statues first.
Although it is a quite recent work (they were completed during the Shōwa Era), they look like they have been carved centuries ago, as moss and other vegetation grew around them.

We also visited the so-called Jigoku nozoki: the mountain edge here has become a panoramic spot.
Only a few people per time can step over it, but its name seems to recall the thrilling view. It is an exciting spot, yet a little dangerous.
If you are scared of height, maybe we do not suggest it for you.

There are many Buddhist statues along the Sen-go-hyaku-rankan Way (they say this is the largest statue community of Japan).
Also the old trees have a long history here, this place’s charm is overwhelming.

After walking for quite a long time we finally came by the Dai-Butsu: this 31 meter-high statue is twice the size of Kamakura’s one.
This, indeed, it’s the biggest example of sitting Buddha statue in Japan.

The blooming season here is also particularly beautiful.

Nokogiri-yama is home to many wonders, when you visit it you can feel its magic: you definitely want to see this place!
So, what about Chiba Prefecture? Did somebody say that it had only Narita Int’l Airport and Tokyo Disneyland? Come here to see this barely known tresure!

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