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Let’s enter the Aomori prefecture first.


From Tōkyō

From Tōkyō take the Hayate Shinkansen to Hachinohe Station. From there take a JR Tōhoku Bus to Towada Lake and get off at the Oirase stop. There are many stops along the Oirase river, but if you want to get off at the beginning of the river your stop is Yakeyama.

From the Aomori prefecture

When you want to visit Oirase or the Towada Lake from Aomori city, there are buses leaving Aomori Station.

Information about fares and other things:

The Shinkansen ticket from Tōkyō costs about 15.000 yen. Since all seats are reserved seats we suggested you to book in advance, especially during weekends and peak periods.

The train journey is covered by the Japan Rail Pass, although the East Japan only version doesn’t cover the JR Bus section.


Travelling by plane

If you use the plane, the airports nearest to the Towada lake are the Aomori Airport and the Misawa airport. Both airports are connected with the Haneda airport.

Also, if you want to visit the surroundings of the lake more freely, we suggest using your car or renting one (available at the main train stations). Since the bus goes back and forth only to the southern part of the lake, using a car allows you to go all around the lake. However, during the autumn, when there are more tourists, there could be traffic restrictions on the road along the lake.

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