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Amanohashidate is located along the coast of the Sea of Japan, in the city of Miyazu, in Kyoto Prefecture.

By public transportation

If you use the train, the access station is Amanohashidate Station, along the privately owned (not JR) Kita-kinki-tango Railway. With a Limited Express train from Kyōto you can reach Amanohashidatre in about two hours. The price for the only way is about 4000 yen, but even if you use the Japan Rail Pass, you are required to pay 1380 yen (plus another 100 yen for the reserved seat) for the sector where the train runs on non JR railway.

Another good way to reach this area is to take the Tankai-bus from Kyoto, which arrives at Amanohashidate in about 2 hours, with a price of 2700 yen one way.

You can find more information here:

By car

If you travel by car, you can follow these directions:

From Kyōto:

Kutsukake IC -Kyōto Highway -Tamba Exit = National Route 27 =Kyōtanba Wachi Exit-Kyōto Highway- Yosa Amanohashidate Exit.

From Kyōto to Amanohashidate (100 km) it takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

From Kōbe/Ōsaka area:

Yoshikawa IC – Chūgoku Motorway- Maizuru Wakasa Motorway - Ayabe IC -Kyōto Highway - Yosa Amanohashidate Exit. From Ōsaka (Suita IC) to Amanohashidate (140 km), it takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes.

From Nagoya area:

Komaki IC -Nagamikō Highway- Yonehara JCT -Hokuriku Highway-Tsuruga IC =Nationale Route 27= Obama Nishi Exit-Maizuru Wakasa highway-Ayabe JTC -Kyōto Highway - Yosa Amanohashidate Exit.

From Nagoya (Komaki exit ) to Amanohashidate (240 km), it takes about 3 hours and 40 minutes.

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