Tottori Sand Dunes -鳥取砂丘

Tottori Sand Dunes -鳥取砂丘

Tottori sakyu

While talking about Tottori, sand dunes come to mind. At least about Japanese people. Well, this time we are going to this small desert of Japan (yes, Japan has got aone, even if little).


What’s special about Tottori sand dunes?


As you can understand by the name, we are talking about small mountains made of sand: the proximity of the sea gives the feeling of being somewhere in Africa.

Tottori dunes are located in San-in-Kai National Park, and they stretch for 6 km. The biggest dune is 2 km wide and 50 meters high. The close Sendai river and the sea current carry the sand here.


You can even visit this place by riding a camel (of course, not native to this place, as camels are not Japanese animals)!  The price for riding this exotic animal is 1.800 yen for a person, 3.000 yen for two people.

How to get to Tottori sand dunes

To learn more how to reach the desert of Japan, click here.



We reached the Tottori sand dunes by car, departing from Okayama area. The parking is close to the area, so it was easy to access the spot.

Seeing the sand suddenly after passing through Chūgoku’s deep forests was really impressive. Even if Tottori dunes are in fact a tiny desert, compared to the real ones of the other continents, the view impact is impressive. In the parking there is a simple site map, and not far from the entry you are already walking on the sand: it seems the sand version of Sapporo snow festival (of which we will talk in another post)!

In 15 minutes walking you can reach the highest dune, and it is easy to walk by not wearing shoes: be careful, the sand temperature in summer is high, you might have your feet burnt in 10 minutes. Dig the surface to find fresh or wear sandals.

From the dunes, if you look south you can see some greenish landmark, maybe recalling a desert oasis. If you look to the sea (northern direction), you only see the desert. Once you are on the highest dune’s top, the sand’s yellow and the sky’s blue get wonderfully together, and when the weather is good, also the Sea of Japan’s colors are really amazing.

Besides the dunes, Tottori offers other tourist spots: check the Kannon-in and Tottori castle’s ruins!

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