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Tottori sand dunes are close to Tottori city, therefore the first thing to do is getting there.
The access to the San’in coast (where Tottori lies) is not very easy, as no Shinkansen (bullet train) services this area.

From Tokyo and Osaka

From Tōkyō‘s Haneda Arport, reaching Tottori Airport is fast, but buying a ticket not in advance won’t be convenient (30.000 yen, one way). Booking in advance will make the prices drop from 30.000 to 10-20.000 yen (one way). From Tottori airport, a bus can take you into town in about 20 minutes, and the ticket costs around 450 yen.

If you’re travelling by train, use the Shinkansen to reach Himeji station from Shin-Ōsaka station. Here, get on the express limited train “Super Hakuto“, and you will reach Tottori station in about 6 hours (including the journey on Shinkansen from Tokyo). The whole journey costs 17.000 yen.

You can also take “Camel-gō” overnight bus from Tōkyō’s Shinagawa Bus Terminal. The price of the journey is 10.500 yen.

More information, and reservations, here (Japanese only)

From Tottori Station

From Tottori Station, get on the bus heading to”Tottori Sakyū”, leaving from platform 0 in front of the station. Get off at the last stop, you can’t go wrong. The ticket costs 360 yen, the journey takes about 20 minutes, and there is one bus per hour.

In the week-end you can take the”Kirinjishi Loop Bus“, the ticket’s price is 300 yen.

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