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・By train

From March 2015, thanks to the Hokuriku Shinkansen extension, it’s possible to reach Kanazawa from Tōkyō in about 2 hours and a half.

On this line, you can take the new Shinkansen E7/W7 series, with charging plugs located by each seat.

For those coming from Ōsaka, you can take the “Thunderbird” Limited Express, connecting Ōsaka and Kyōto to Kanazawa in about 2 hours and a half.



・By plane

After the new Shinkansen extension, more and more people are choosing the train, at least those coming from Tōkyō. But if you’re travelling by plane you can land at Komatsu Airport, connected to Japan’s main cities.

From Komatsu Airport take the express bus, you will arrive in Kanazawa in 40 minutes.


・By bus

There are high-speed buses heading to Kanazawa from all Japan’s major urban areas. You can also take a night bus from Tōkyō.


・Getting around

Kanazawa’s tourist spots are never further than 2 km from its castle, you can enjoy this city by simply walking around.

Of course, there are buses and taxis departing from Kanazawa Central Station’s square.


If you want to visit only the Kenroku-en Garden, take the “Kenroku-en Shuttle Bus” from the station. The fare is 200 yen (100 yen on weekends) for a single ride.

If you don’t have much time and want to visit all Kanazawa’s tourist attractions, we suggest you to take the Kanazawa Loop Bus, travelling around the castle avery 15 minutes. The day-ticket costs 500 yen.

Kenroku-en shuttle: Link

Kanazawa Loop Bus:  Link

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