Arahira Tenjin – 荒平天神

Arahira Tenjin – 荒平天神

Arahira Tenjin shintō shrine, in Kagoshima Prefecture, is one of the attractions near to Cape Sata, the southernmost point of Kyūshū Island and of mainland Japan itself.

What’s special about Arahira Tenjin?

Arahira Tenjin Shrine is located on the way to Cape Sata (on the pref. road 68), after passing Sakurajima. Laying on the top of a small rocky hill, it’s a relaxing spot where you can expand your sight on the gorgeous waters of the Pacific. Here Sugawara no Mochizane is enshrined, while young people come here to pray for success in school exams.

Once crossed the road where the parking area lays, you come down to a sandy beach. Here you can enjoy the view on a huge red torii and the shrine hill, covered by lush trees and plants.

As you climb, pay attention to the steps: these rocks can be quite sharp. On the top of the stair you can use a rope to climb the last steep steps. The path is sorrounded by palm trees on both sides, giving an exotic atmosphere to the whole complex.

The main hall of Arahira Tennjin Shrine is located on the top of the hill, where you can see a small purification font and several ema boards, where people write their wishes.

We chose to visit the shrine early in the morning, when the sun rays made the flat-sea water as transparent as we have seen only a few times before. The locals suggest also the sunset as a moment of particular beauty.

How to get there

Arahira Tenjin Shrine is located along the pref. road 68. For those willing to use public transportation there’s also a bus stop here, but the daily service seems to be very limited.

From Tōkyō’s Haneda Ariport to Kagoshima Ariport there’s a 2 hours flight, followed by a 90 minutes bus ride to Tarumizu city. Bus service site (in Japanese)

From here you have to take one more bus to Arahira, but there’s only one ride at 6 in the morning.

That’s why we suggest you to rent a car and enjoy the ride along the wonderful landscapes leading to Cape Sata!


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