Chūson-ji – 中尊寺

Chūson-ji – 中尊寺

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After taking a bus near Motsu-ji (the temples of Hiraizumi are sligtly spread on a wide area, but if you have got time it’s not an unwalkable distance), we got off the bus and walked on the so-called Tsukimizaka path (which means “slope from where you can stare at the moon”, how poetic!).

On both sides of the path Sugi (cryptomeria japonica) trees planted in the Edo period are located next to each other. Going on the path I reached the main hall. This gorgeous wooden building was reconstructed in 1909 and enshrines a statue of Shakanyōrai.

We followed the Sugi trees path again and noticed that the Golden Hall, a mausoleum containing the mummified remains of Ōshu Fujiwara, was getting closer and closer. The trees and a stone stair lead to the building, the Golden Hall looked mysterious.

Taking pictures inside the hall is forbidden, some are visible on the official site (Click here). Everybody inside the building walked slowly, to catch all the particulars of the Golden Hall with their eyes.

The Chūson-ji area is pretty wide, there are many smaller temples and shrines in the forest, and it is a interesting and relaxing site.

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