Tashiro-jima – Access

Tashiro-jima – Access

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To reach the island of Tashiro, we must first go to Sendai, the most populous city in the Tohoku region, and its main transport hub.

By train and ferry

Assuming you are heading from Tokyo, the quickest way is to use the Shinkansen, Japan’s high-speed bullet train, which reaches Sendai in about 1.5 hours with the fastest services (Hayabusa and Hayate), usually bound for Shin-Aomori, Morioka or Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Stations.

The cost, in a standard car with reserved seat, is about 11-12,000 yen, and is covered by the Japan Rail Pass (including the Eastern Japan version).

From Sendai, then you need to take a local train to Ishinomaki. You can choose to go with the Senseki line (1 hour and a half) or the Senseki-Tohoku line (a faster connection, about 1 hour, created a few years ago), which will take you to the city of Ishinomaki. From the colourful Ishinomaki station, you must then continue to the Ajishima Line ferry terminal, located about 1 km from the station. You can walk, ask for a taxi or look for a bus. However, if you do not have heavy luggage, we suggest to walk, as you can explore Ishinomaki downtown and spot many cute objects and anime related sculptures along its alleys.

As for the schedules of the ferry, as they may be subject to change, we leave you the link of the ferry company, Ajishima Line. The site is Japanese only, but by scrolling down the page, you will find a table with schedules with a few rows in English. Refer to “Depart from Chuo“, which indicates the departure time of the ferry from the port of Ishinomaki indicated in the map above (there are two piers in Ishinomaki, and the closest to the railway station is the first one, called “Chuo”, “central” in Japanese). We recommend that you go down to Nitoda Port, leaving the boat pass Otomari port. For the return, choose whether to take the ferry from Nitoda again, or walk, as we did, to the port of Otomari, from which the return ferry will stop after leaving Nitoda.

“Ajishima Line” site

The cost of the ferry ticket, as of 2020, is 1250 yen for one way, and you do not usually need to reserve it in advance..

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