3.11 – Thinking back to that day…

3.11 – Thinking back to that day…


March 11th has got a something special meaning today.

On March 11th 2011, a tremendous earthquake and tsunami struck Tōhoku region in Japan, and the connected Fukushima nuclear accident made suffer thousands of Japanese people. Sadly, for many of them this sorrow is still continuing nowadays.

In addiction, especially related with the Fukushima nuclear disaster, visitors in Tōhoku region visibly decreased, and even more foreign tourists in Japan, in comparison to the previous years.

Tohoku banner

Around Japan staff is now introducing you many interesting spots of Japan, including the least known ones, and are wishing that the interest towards Tōhoku increases. Unfortunately, especially after 2011 year’s events, this region is often forgotten, and even avoided for fear of nuclear issues.

As for now we touched this region just in two posts, about the colorful ponds of Goshiku-numa, in Fukushima Prefecture, and the Scotland-like landscape of Shiriyazaki cape, in Aomori Prefecture.

From now on we will keep introducing you many astonishing places of this region of Japan, and we wish to remember you that it is totally safe and enjoyable to visit here. Keep following us!

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