The Fukuroda Falls – 袋田の滝

The Fukuroda Falls – 袋田の滝

The Fukuroda falls, in Ibaraki prefecture, are the perfetc spot for a day-trip from Tōkyō.


What’s special about Fukuroda Falls?

These waterfalls are located in Daigo town, in Ibaraki prefetcure. In 1990 they’ve been selected as part of the “Taki Hyaku-Sen“, the hundred most beautiful waterfalls of Japan.

Fukuroda Falls, together with Kegon Falls (Tochigi Prefecture) and Nachi Falls (Wakayama Prefecture) are considered as the
most beautiful waterfall sites of Japan, the socalled “Nihon San-mei-baku“.

Fukuroda Falls extend for 120 meters and their width reaches 73 meters, and as the water flows onto four rock steps, they are also often called “Yodo no Taki 四度の滝”.

If you happen to visit them during the winter, you can see them totally frozen, and they look like a glass cathedral. For this reason, one more name they are known for is “Hyō-haku“, “ice falls”.

How to get to Fukuroda Falls

You can visit Fukuroda Falls on a day-trip from Tōkyō. At Ueno station get on a Limited Express train bound for Mito or Iwaki Stations, like the “Hitachi“, the “Super-Hitachi“, or the “Fresh-Hitachi” trains. Once you reached Mito Station, take the Suigun local line, and get off at Fukuroda Station. This journey is totally covered by the Japan Rail Pass.

From there, an Ibaraki Transportation Bus bound for “Takimoto (Fukuroda Falls)” will take you to its last stop. The journey takes just 7 minutes at the price is 200 yen.

To see the timetable of the bus from Fukuroda Station, click here:


We visited Fukuroda falls in the end of March, a perfect timing when the green was spreading and creating a beautiful atmosphere.

Walking to the site we could see the falls right the way: in fact, they are very close to the bus stop.

At a certain point you have to go through a tunnel in the rock, where the breeze is just cool: even if it’s Summer time, its better to wear a jacket (it is very humid as well).

There are several platforms where you can enjoy the view from, you can watch the waterfalls from different perspectives.
From the frontal platform you can see the water flowing on three of the four rock steps.

There is also an alternative path to go back, where you can find a suspension bridge leading to a snack and oden shop.

Fukiware falls are not far from Tōkyō area, it’s a nice place for a week-end or a summer day spent in the middle of nature.

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