Tokashiki-jima – 渡嘉敷島

Tokashiki-jima – 渡嘉敷島


For the first time in this blog, let’s talk about Okinawa prefecture! Especially, this time we are going to write about Tokashiki island, Tokashiki-jima, a paradise reachable from the main island, Okinawa!

What’s special about Tokashiki-jima?

Among the Kerama Islands, Tokashiki-jima is easternmost, about 30 km West from Okinawa. This small island is then close to Naha, the capital city of Okinawa Prefecture; the water is wonderful and the atmosphere is very peaceful.

Surprisingly, Tokashiki-jima is not a well known tourist spot. Accommodations and housing are located in its southern part. There aren’t big resorts, but there are many family-run guest houses. This island is popular for diving and there are not too many lodging places, so it’s better to book a room if you want to visit in Summer, the “diving season”.


There are two main, beautiful beaches: Aharen (阿波連) and Tokashiku (渡嘉志久), whose names’ kanji don’t follow the common reading of Japanese. These are in fact two typical Okinawan place names.

The facilities are mainly located in Aharen Beach: diving and snorkeling are popular here. The white sand beach is 800 meters long, and from here you can see some offshore islands, including Hanarejima, reachable with a little boat.


You can find the white sand also at Tokashiku semicircular bay, 800 meters long. Since the lack of accommodations, there are less people than in Aharen. Anyway, there is a big attraction here: sea turtles! Many of these animals come to this bay: it’s possible to see their shapes while they swim.

You can rent a bike in Tokashiki-jima: visiting the Island on a bike while enjoying the blue sea landscape is awesome!

How to get to Tokashiki-jima?

To know how to reach Tokashiki, click here!



We visited Tokashiki-jima in September, during my trip to Okinawa, following a friend’s advice. We reached the island by the Marine Liner: here we are going to describe our experience!

The weather was just perfect: We reached Aharen by bus, checked in at our guest house and then, towards the sea!
White sand, blue sea, green jungle… What an amazing landscape! We were impressed by such a heavenly sight!

(Just a notice: actually September is a risky period, as there are frequent typhoons in the area, so be careful, and if possible we recommend to go in a different period of the year)


At Aharen Beach there is a watchman, some bars and restaurants nearby, and also shops and rentals for sports equipment (for example surf, fins etc…). We laid our beach towel on the sand and took a bath in the sea!

Tokashiki-jima’s sea’s water has a wonderful transparency level, and you can see far as far as 50 or 60 meters underwater. We could spot many colorful fishes and gorgeous corals: wonderful!


In the evening we went for a long walk along Aharen Beach. We took some pictures of cute stray cats and crabs, while listening to the tranquil sound of the waves. What a satisfaction, seeing the twilight!


The next morning I rented a bike and went to Tokashiku. It’s just 4 km far, but the road is a bit uphill, so it was quite tiring for me. However view was just something I had never seen in my life, and it payed back the fatigue of coming all the way here by bicycle. After I got there, I took a bath at Tokashiku, too, and could see many turtles, right as my friend told me! Actually, you can get so close that you can touch them, but I preferred just to enjoy their elegant swimming silhouette with my eyes.


Our trip to Tokashiki-jima was a very nice memory for us not only for the pristine sea, but for the island’s atmosphere as well.

We recommend you to visit it and feel this place’s taste on your skin!

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