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Chūson-ji Temple

The purpose of aroundjapan.net is to enhance your travel experience in Japan, making it become something more than just a journey.
We would like to help you create your special adventure, by introducing niche spots and unknown gems besides the beaten path.

We strive on focusing on less known places, or even the most hardly reachable ones, by gathering information, pictures and travel tips by visiting them by ourselves, in order to give you detailed information and frank travel impressions.

Of course, on aroundjapan.net you will find tips and information on the more classical attractions and tourist destinations, with the opportunity of discovering surprising “bonus tracks” around the area you want to know more, with less crowd and tourists.

We hope to be a good travel partner for you and help you to get the most from your discovery along the Japanese Islands.

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We had not updated this page for months! Even your favorite (we hope?) website about Japan’s hidden destinations’ admins actually have several activities that take a lot of time (also known as: full time work!), so sometimes we can not update here as much as we wish we could. But we are organizing to improve many things starting this fall!

By the way, in August we spent a day at sea in the wonderful Shimoda! In these rainy, first days of September, we like to remember so the last summer of the Heisei era (you know, that from 2019 the current Emperor will abdicate, right?)



Hi to everyone!

Recently we have been improving and expanding the single sections about the regions of Japan, available under the prefecture map in Explore! section.
You can now explore more in details about how to reach Okinawa, and when to go, or get more information about the seasonal events in Hokkaido!

* some links will forward you to the Italian page, however we are going to translate all the pages in English too, asap! 🙂 Thank you for your comprehension!


As some of you may have experienced, earlier this week a copious snowfall hit Tokyo and the surround areas, causing several disruptions and problems to people commuting (including us).

Today I was off, so I had a walk to the Omiya Hikawa Shrine in Saitama (30 minutes north from Tokyo). The contrast between the white of the snow and the vermilion red of the portal was beautiful!



Thank to your warm and continuous support, Aroundjapan reaches this year its 5th year of activity!
Keep following us to learn and discover more about more hidden and awesome destinations in the Land of the Rising Sun!


Dear travellers,

We are happy to announce that thanks to your constant support we finally reached a thousand likes on our Facebook official Page!

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